BRIDGE by Pınar

Pınar Yeğin
Word: Bridge

The last time you experienced the word “bridge”?

The last time I experienced the word bridge, was when I was trying to reconcile two diametrically opposite thoughts I had about the pandemic, and two different courses of action I desperately wanted to follow in these circumstances. I was torn between a desire to quarantine myself and go into hibernation and a desire to be out there to continue to create as if everything was as usual. I needed to bridge the gap somehow… I am still trying.

What is the inherent emotion you feel in this word?

This word evokes a world full of possibilities and potential, thus filling me with hope and warmth. If we can valiantly cross the bridges on our path or in between the chasms that suddenly open up even within our own emotional world -let alone between us and other people, other ideas, other worlds- we can achieve whatever it is that we yearn, which in my case is ‘peace’.

How is this Word related to you/your work?

All of my work is actually a ‘bridge’ that I keep building over and over to communicate and express my ever-changing feelings and ideas. After all we are in need of assuring ourselves, we are not alone in this big big world. So, we build bridges, then cross them over and ‘touch’ other people, experience and witness other ‘worlds’. Some construct their bridges using words, I prefer to use lines, colors and shapes…