"My paintings are the reflection of the life I’m living."

When did you last hear, experience or use this word?

My most recent experience was in Cunda while on vacation. Ayna is one of my favourite restaurants. Enjoying tasty food gives me strange sensations ranging from delight to surprise. The combination of our senses of smell and taste are just magical. I believe that a meal is the reflection of its cook. And this also reflects on the person who eats it. I mean, many things in life are closely linked to the human factor and positive feelings. It’s like a chain reaction, we reflect things on others and that has an impact. That’s how simple it is 🙂

What feelings does the word evoke?

Reality and sincerity.

How related is the word with your profession?

I think that my paintings are the reflection of the life I’m living. My work evolves the same way I do. Sticking to one form of production is not possible. I have to feel it inside; everything flows when I do, and fails when I don’t. It’s like a whole, with my ups and downs, my breathing. You could say it’s like looking in the mirror.