We are entering the world of London-based designers James Russell and Hannah Plumb to talk about the meaning and importance of the word “scent”.Photography: Rich Stapleton

When was the last time you used/heard/experienced the word “scent”?

Today, in our workshop we are making a new sculpture which incorporates a large piece of antique pitch pine.  We are always astonished by the amazing and potent scent released when we make a fresh cut and by how timber that is centuries old can still smell as if it was new.

What inherent emotion do you feel in this word?

Scent has the power to transport you anywhere in the world, to different times, to different stages in your life and even to specific dates and events, so it can really evoke all the emotions across the full range of human experience.

How is this word related to you or your work?

As well as objects, our studio creates environments. In those environments, we aim to embrace all the senses, so scent plays a central role.  For example, in a project for Hermès, for which the horse served as the central motif, we used hay as a key material. We ceremonially burned hay while walking through the building before guests arrived to subtly infuse the space with the sweet, grassy fragrance of burnt hay.

*JAMESPLUMB is a creative studio in South London, founded by artists James Russell and Hannah Plumb. They make both objects and environments. The objects include sculptures, furniture, and fine art installations. They exhibit their work site-specifically and internationally in collaboration with galleries and at fairs.

The surviving half of a large ornate mirror and a dilapidated chest of drawers come together, created by James Plumb. This extraordinary furniture is on permanent display at Sanayi313.

Also exhibited at Sanayi313 is the To Have and To Hold Wing Bench by James Plumb, Antique armchair and a church pew bench crafted from pitch pine.

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