De Madrid al cielo*

Beyond its spacious avenues lined with buildings reflecting baroque, neo-classical, and occasionally brutalist styles, Madrid is also a true center of attraction thanks to its rich gastronomy scene and artistic assets. The city can draw you in with a work featured in the permanent collection of one of its museums or with a signature dish at a restaurant. You may find yourself unable to resist stopping by a patisserie for a small bite on your way to dinner reservations, or you may suddenly start questioning your existence as you stand before a work of art you never knew about until that museum visit. You may be seduced by the intense passion onstage as you enjoy a flamenco show. Whatever the reason that brought you here may be, you’ll leave Madrid having satisfied your stomach, your eyes, as well as your soul. And you’ll undoubtedly return before long to this city, which offers magical alternatives to conventional European travel routes.

*A popular saying among Madrileños that translates to “From Madrid to the sky” suggesting that you will be closer to God in Madrid than anywhere else in the world. The saying also brings to mind the buildings decorated with angels or mythological figures like pegasus, which you’ll often encounter throughout the city.