On day four of our voyage to explore the South Aegean, we arrived in Tilos, rumored to be one of Greece's best-kept secrets.

8 July 2024|In Blackouts| CEM CÖMERT

As we docked at the relatively small marina of Tilos, the ladies headed to the boutiques in the town center while the men went to a seaside tavern. Sitting and sipping a cold glass of Mythos, we saw the ladies return with smiles, affirming a satisfactory shopping spree. In the early afternoon, the streets were deserted and peaceful, but as sunset approached, the locals emerged to gather in the island’s center. This signaled that it was time for us to say goodbye to this uninhabited, silent, and sparkling gem and head to our dinner reservation. Thanks to our captain, we had the best meal of the trip in Tilos. The island seemed frozen in the 1990s, like a flashback to laid-back childhood summer holidays. Tilos is a stark reminder that luxury is sometimes hidden in simplicity. We said goodbye and left for Symi the following day.

As Greece’s first green island, Tilos has taken exemplary steps to reduce energy consumption and utilize renewable sources. To minimize its carbon footprint, almost all of the island’s electricity needs are met by solar panels and wind turbines.