“Our elders were inclined to make a choice between design or function, but the new generation embraces both simultaneously. Items that were made just for the sake of it can no longer find a place in the modern world.”

This is a quote from Enis Karavil taken from his Maison&Objet interview on the theme of (Re)Generation. We celebrate our 5th year while Maison&Objet celebrates its 25th. Looking into the future is the path to our consciousness of the present.

Sanayi313 Architects has a brand-new home collection in the making with a focus on merging function and design. In the 10313 series, functional stools are transformed into elegant seating furniture. Underneath the lid at the top is a storage space for personal items and the elegant body made of ash tree only works to enhance contrasts.

Sanayi313 Architects are inspired by nature, which is sound proof that the real magic manifests only by combining function and design.