Enis’ mask combines technology and design. There is contrast in the mask which refers to the past with the statue displayed on top and to the future with Apple’s voice control. The voice control system means that whatever the person wearing the mask says, is instantly displayed on the screen in text form.

*Exhibition “Masks/Connotations” is on view between the 25th of September 2020 & 15th May of 2021 both on Baksı Museum and on baksi.org. The theme of the exhibition is masks, which have emerged as an indispensable item during the pandemic. 20 artists invited to appear at the exhibition will showcase their original works with a focus on masks both as an instrument and as a concept.

*Baksı Museum rests on hill, some 45 km from Bayburt in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. The Museum at Bayraktar Village, which was formerly known as Baksı, is home to a range of artworks from contemporary to traditional crafts. The museum was named Baksı not just because it was the old name of the village, the meaning which translates as “healer, helper, guardian” also corresponds to the mission of the museum. In Kyrgyz Turkish, baksı is a “shaman”. Certain traditions which were practiced up until recently suggest that the village historically had ties with shamanic traditions.