A cone of flowers please!

With its form and material, Sanayi 313’s latest design ‘The V-shaped Vase’ is also a sneak peek into the upcoming furniture collection.Photography @yumanycSet design @toddknopkeworksFlower arrangements @metafloranyc

Sanayi 313’s latest piece is a tall thin vase designed as a playful minimal vessel. Measuring 50H X 15W, it is large enough to hold taller foliage or make a sleek statement on its own. The vase is handcrafted using ash veneer which has a versatile appearance, blending in seamlessly with other colors and textures. Ash veneer is also the material of choice when it comes to Sanayi 313’s furniture designs. Coming in a slim V shape, the vase allows the owner to arrange flowers in a fresh new way without being bulky. So go ahead and grab as many as you like to become the master of your flower arrangements.

Love House NY
Galerie Philia
Sanayi313 in-store and online shop

*Glass version of the V-shaped Vase is exclusively available at Sanayi313 in-store and E-shop.

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