Magic must be best word to describe Israeli sculptor Ronit Baranga’s aesthetics. Magical reality to be more precise, because from a distance her works look like tableware, plates, jars and bowls. Yet, a closer look reveals that magical world, transforming ordinary objects into storybook heroes. The sculptures seem to talk back to you… some of the expressions may put a smile on your face while others intimidate you but, in any case, you feel the urge to take a closer look. This is exactly the artist’s intention: She is not restrained by the feelings we might feel and she is very aware that people observing her work might get an infinite number of ideas.

The meaning of Ronit Baranga’s works diversify and thrive only after we stop looking out to the world through a black and white filter and try harder to understand the complex structure of human nature. Her sculptures and figures are inspired by the human body… fingers, mouths, hands and postures – ultimately converting her know-how into a universal language. After all, life is complex and so are humans. Even the things we consider to be simple have multiple dimensions. Baranga’s mini devils, speaking plates or severed hands are each a symbol of this complexity.

After completing a Psychology and Literature degree at Haifa University, Ronit Baranga was trained in the History of Art at Tel-Aviv University and Fine Arts at the Beit Berl College. An academic background in psychology, literature and history of art, results in her figurative creations gaining more meaning because her works travel somewhere between life and still-life, reality and fiction.

Baranga’s works have been exhibited in many different locations around the world and now we are proud to announce that she is also a guest of Sanayi313. Represented by Pg Art Gallery in Turkey, one of the latest works of the artist can now be viewed in the Sanayi313 Collection.