What’s the story behind Salima Studio?

It started with a love story. After falling in love with a Turkish man, I decided to move to Istanbul where I founded a creative studio named after my grandmother Salima.

Salima Studio is focusing on handmade design. Born out of the passion of creating something strictly natural, the studio produces art pieces using traditional techniques. With natural materials only, we create potteries from clay, with emphasis on organic shapes and textures in neutral tones. I explore craftsmanship methods, which inspire me to produce authentic artifacts.

Your potteries are designed and handmade in Tunisia. Why Tunisia, what is different about Tunisia?

I wanted to bring a part of my country, Tunisia, with me.

In the Berber village of Sijnan, located in the hills of Northern Tunisia, the women, originating from the Amazigh Tribe, continue to practice pottery following ancestral tradition. Using an outdoor fire and natural drying process, their expertise is included in Unesco’s list of the intangible Heritage of Humanity. At Salima, we keep this genuine technique, which is updated with modern designs. Celebrating traditional craftsmanship and preventing this art from extinction is one of our missions.

How would you define Salima’s uniqueness?

Preserving craftsmanship, respecting the authenticity of their methods, without adding any artificial product or modern technique, is what defines us. Handmade pottery is an ancestral art. We ensure an eco-friendly process and slow process, promoting a beautiful natural world. Ethical trade and women empowerment are parts of Salima’s values. We want to ensure sustainability is respected. Given the nature of handmade products, no single item is identical to another. By supporting women-owned businesses, we contribute to empower women, allowing them to achieve total economic independence.

How would you connect Salima and Sanayi313?

Salima and Sanayi313 connect for their common appeal to raw, pure and authentic designs.

What are your future plans for Salima Studio?

We want to develop this concept and create a universe of respectful beauty. Now we are focusing on our new collection, which is inspired from the sea motion.