The January 2020 edition of Maison&Objet is based on a concept that has gained considerable popularity in recent years: (Re) Generation. In conjunction with the Paris Design Week, Maison&Objet now hosts a range of examples from the world of design. Sanayi313’s creative director Enis Karavil was invited to speak at the expo to share his experience of developing a personal signature and making a presence in the design arena based on the story of Sanayi313 within the framework of the (Re) Generation theme.

Considering that the current under-30s will emerge as the largest users of design in the coming years, Maison&Objet’s January edition focuses on the demands and emotions of the group in hope of getting better understanding of their mindset. In this context, the mantra of this age-group comes across as well-being. They focus on the process not the outcome to
ultimately make a meaningful difference. Producing within collective structures becomes key to making this difference.

In terms of design, Sanayi313 is an example which seamlessly adapts to the ever-changing dynamics of the world. Enis Karavil describes Sanayi313’s approach to design in these words, “In fact, Sanayi313 brings an architectural perspective to design. This is what we eat, this is the line of furniture we use… It is a lifestyle we offer to Istanbul inspired by the city itself. I feel that our location plays a role in urban transformation.”

According to Karavil, design is fully integrated into our daily lives and has even come to dominate it. He thinks that the new generation is behind this transformation. “Our elders were inclined to make a choice between design or function but the new generation embraces both simultaneously.” It could be argued that Sanayi313’s own design language lies in this blend.
Originality first starts at the destination in Karavil’s journey which extends from London to Sanayi. Then comes sincerity, which is another indispensable aspect of good design. Moving on to his observations on today’s consumer Karavil adds, “Today’s consumer is conscious and inquisitive. Items that were made just for the sake of it in the past can no longer find a place in the modern world. People are curious and want to find out more. They use social media to share the items they use. Overall, design is moving in a good direction.”

Speaking of how Sanayi313 brings together objects and ideas from different aspects of design, Enis Karavil admits that nature is their biggest inspiration. “I’m inspired by nature, the forms I see in nature. I might also find inspiration in an old oil painting I come across at a museum. We synthesize these elements into our own design language. For example, we
never use flowers at Sanayi313. Decorations are only made with fruit and vegetables.” When asked to elaborate on the fine line between contemporary art and modern design, Karavil says, “Art does not have a specific form. I do not confine myself to concepts like contemporary or modern. Creating is art itself. That said, I believe that art is more exposed to interpretation compared to design. It is still unclear whether Mona Lisa is smiling or if she really is staring at us. But design should be able to reflect the designer’s idea.”

When asked about new projects from Sanayi313, Karavil heralds the arrival of new collections for the kitchen and the Sanayi313 Home collection with the brand opening up to London in the near future.