The sculpture “Unusual Moments’ Monument” projected by Seçkin Pirim especially for Sanayi313 is much more than a monument. It actually roots in neighbourhood, friendship, shared ideas, inspiring conversations.

Those were the days when we started with the idea of ‘finding the right path in every society once you follow the artists.’ Sanayi313’s doors were not open yet. We cannot forget the day Seçkin Pirim arrived to Sanayi313 with his motorcycle right after receiving our invitation. He had tea, tasted our spinach quiche, looked around the store and shared with us his thoughts. It was very important to hear an artist’s opinions. As time went by, we went to visit his atelier; he became one of our regulars.

New ideas were created after our conversations every time. We started with the colour red. It was a contrast to Sanayi313’s black & white. We decided on plates, reflecting the Oto Sanayi area, which we love and share. Unity of the pieces was important. Our opinions were in concert anyhow… Red plates were put on top of each other on a long night spent in Sanayi313. We
did not forget to videotape the whole process through the lenses of Murathan Özbek and Veysel Değertekin.

“Unusual Moments’ Monument” is standing grandiosely at where it belongs, symbolizing our friendship. On behalf of what Seçkin Pirim and Sanayi313 shared and still sharing…