Le Bon Marché store in Paris is the exhibition place for artist Mehmet Ali Uysal’s recent work called “SU” (Water) nowadays. For a while, Le Bon Marché hosted art exhibitions, including works of Edoardo Tresoldi, Ai Weiwei and Nendo. The latest of these exhibitions is Mehmet Ali Uysal. Uysal’s works are exhibited with three different methods.

The first is positioned to greet clients as they enter the store, with windows facing the Rue de Sèvres, emphasizing the emergence over glaciers’ melting. The second part, in my opinion the most magnificent, is the figure of two huge icebergs hanging from the ceiling. These figures are designed to draw attention to the seriousness of global warming. Huge models of icebergs, positioned on both sides of the escalators designed by Andrée Putman, are especially mounted on the glass ceiling, because the glass ceiling represents the sea level. Owing to a clever use of light the icebergs have a melting effect over them with turquoise waves of light. The third one is the large white ship statue, which is 17 meters long and 8 meters wide, referring to Noah’s ark. The fact that the ship sculpture is modeled after the paper ships we made in our childhood is due to Uysal’s belief that there is still hope left in humanity to recover from global warming. These works, which try to draw attention to the seriousness of global warming in Paris, the capital of fashion and fast shopping, will be open to visitors until February 20.