It is recorded that the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei has found the idea which was actually developed and designed in 1610, eventhough it is said that the binoculars were invented in 1608. We know that the binocular model he designed rather looked like the opera glasses. So binoculars, as being one of the greatest inventions of all times, were started to be used in operas which was just being developed as an art form during that time.

With the first opera building being opened in 1637 in Venice, not only Venice became the new center of art, taking the place of Florence, but also a new “social status object” has come out in art circles: the opera binoculars.

In a short time, the binoculars became a central issue, just as dressing was, for the opera audiences. The level of elegance and flamboyance of the opera binoculars signified one’s level of royalty.

With our respect to one of the most valuable objects of that period in history, we venerate all the Renaissance heroes while a great Maria Callas song is heard in the background…