The 43 year-tradition of American TV; a comedy genre in its own. The Saturday Night Live has become more treasured in time. And today, it is considered as the representation of the popular agenda as well as the spirit of time and trendy humor with its guest hosts and different sketch themes. The limited first season collection box set became more interesting by time.

It might feel as tasting “expired” or stale food to go back to the previous seasons of the sketches or the comedy series, rather being fun. The first season of SNL seems like an accidental record anyway.

You can evaluate SNL’s place in the course of popular culture when you consider the menu of the first season based on today’s understanding. Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Andy Kaufman; the famous comedians of the time are in the cast. The “new talent” Patti Smith vocalizes Gloria live while the “promising” comedian Billy Crystal adopts a SNL tone with
his monologue. Among the “seemingly ordinary” audience is also the “new kid” of the cinema, Steven Spielberg. And musicians like Paul Simon, Randy Newman join the club in the later seasons.

These are the first remnants of the “SNL” genetics. Those who are interested in the collection may search for the “Box Set” while the “practical ones” can get the same episodes via Amazon Prime.