The latest from the London Design Biennial

This year, London is enjoying a breath of fresh air with the Design Biennial which introduced a new and thought-provoking perspective to the concept of design.

Britain’s new trend-setting Design Biennial took place at the neo-classical Somerset House in the heart of London. This edition of the event was constructed on the theme of ‘resonance’ and we hope that its message vibrates off the historical façade of Somerset House and resonates with humanity.

Today’s biennials are international showcases of contemporary art that take place every two years. In the global arena of art and design; there are more than 100 biennials around the world competing for acclaimed curators and famous designers and artists in cities such as Venice, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Moscow and Sydney. These biennials have emerged as a source pride, promoting cultural tourism and generating capital and income.

Established in 2016 by Sir John Sorrell CBE and Ben Evans CBE, the London Design Biennale symbolises a passion for creating universal solutions to issues that concern everyone. Organised in June for the third time this year, the biennial focuses on promoting the global role of design and international collaborations. Its rooms and garden packed with artwork; Somerset House boasts one of the most beautiful courtyards in Europe.

The resonance of design

Curated by art director Es Devlin, the biennial delves into the theme of ‘resonance’ which made me ponder on my knowledge on the topic.

In the simplest terms, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at certain frequencies with greater amplitudes. Similar to swinging on a swing at a certain rhythm or the vibration of a bridge creates a kind of resonance, the frequency of new ideas vibrating and emerging somewhere has the power to affect the world.

According to Es Devlin, everything we design and produce has its own resonance, ‘Every idea has the power of reaching out to a digital mass which would be inconceivable for our predecessors. We live in an age of hyper resonance, the consequences of which are both exhilarating and devastating. Everything we design and everything we produce resonates.’

The exhibitors from all corners of the world who took over Somerset House are looking for answers to the theme of resonance, which considers the ripple effect of ground-breaking design concepts on our lives and the choices we make.