Open until February 24 at Galerist, Yusuf Sevinçli’s exhibition ‘Tumult’ is an aesthetic feast as much as it is an intellectual journey.

The energy and inspiration in the world of art can flow like a calm river, but it can also show itself as a fierce storm. Yusuf Sevinçli’s ‘Tumult’ at Galerist is a portrait of this dichotomy that will take the viewer on a fascinating journey.

For his second solo exhibition at Galerist, Yusuf Sevinçli opens a portal to wander into his spiritual world. The artist’s creations reflect his subjective experiences and emotions at different times from past to present. Time and space become ambiguous in their mysterious atmosphere as he reveals personal and collective memories. These images talk to the viewer, creating a bond that transcends time. His work, which is also featured in his eighth photograph book, also titled Tumult, reveals the extrinsic and intrinsic simultaneously, creating two separate narratives with calm and rational landscapes on one side and intense personal perspectives on the other. The exhibition’s atmosphere inside the gallery makes the viewers feel they are actors in Sevinçli stories, projecting them through a time tunnel. Tumult’s multi-layered experience conveys the contentious contradictions evident in Sevinçli’s art. While openly demonstrating his respect and deep connection to the history of photography, the artist also internalizes the power and meaning of photography both aesthetically and formally in Tumult. Featuring photographs printed on Ilford FC Baryta warm-tone paper, 1,000 copies of the artist’s eighth photography book have been printed, thirty of which are Collector’s Edition.