Cramped space, colossal style

Time for a closer look at Sanayi 313’s powder room projects, which are destined to overshadow the rest of the house despite their small size.

Guest toilet, powder room or, boudoir as the French would say… Regardless of the name, this room somehow succeeds in becoming a centrepiece in homes. The term emerged in the years when women frequented toilets to powder their noses, but it actually is a private space equipped only with a mirror and a wash basin. However, changing times and new trends in architecture have meant that toilets have also been incorporated into these rooms. According to the universal codes of hospitality, guest toilets are designed and decorated with great care in all cultures to the extent of being more elaborate than a living room and being out of bounds for the people of the house. Enis Karavil describes his guest toilet designs as ‘piquant spaces excluded from the daily functions of a house’. He finds creating grand looks in such small spaces very exciting. Here are some of Sanayi 313’s completed guest toilet projects that deliver a maximum degree of style applied in a minimum amount of space.