Experimenting with new materials, proportions and different processes, Sanayi313 introduces the Oblong Collection – a collection of solid wood furniture items that serve minimalism with personality.

The collection is both new and familiar as it introduces brand new typologies while also taking a dive into the studio’s archives and reinterpreting some of the signature Sanayi313 pieces in new finishes.

The Oblong Collection represents an evolution of the Sanayi313 design DNA towards a more distilled format. Defined by massive, bulky forms and rounded corners, the collection echoes the studio’s “maximalist expressions in minimalist details” approach with maximalism manifested in the textural quality of the materials, namely mazel and burned wood.

While the unique textural properties of mazel wood add a certain character to the designs and allows for no two pieces to be alike, the blackness of burned wood makes a pleasant contrast with the essential structure and soft curves of the designs.

The idea behind the Oblong Collection is to create furniture pieces that can fit in any room regardless of its style to bring warmth and serenity to it. Unadorned yet monumental and bold in their simplicity and characterized by the essentiality of the materials, the subtle and pared-back designs exist both as functional pieces of furniture and sculptural design objects. Each piece in the collection is a celebration of high quality materials and refined craftsmanship that a timeless product must incorporate.

As well as introducing several new designs, the Oblong Collection also sits in addition to Sanayi313’s previous collection; the 07313 Twin Side Tables with their remarkable tiered design and the multifunctional 10313 Box Stool are rendered in new materials and processes to coexist and dialogue with the new designs.

The Oblong Collection includes stools, consoles, low coffee tables, side tables, and a dining table.