Situated in Mayfair, London; pop-up store Siedres’ interior is designed by Sanayi313.Illustrations: Efnan Sarıahmetoğlu @minipaperworks

Siedres is an independent Turkish fashion brand with a growing international fanbase that is committed to creating contemporary designs with a Mediterranean twist. Recently, the brand has debuted a pop-up store in the heart of London’s Mayfair, settling into a vacant retail space on 4 Conduit Street in April 2023, which will be open for three months, providing shoppers with a unique and exclusive shopping experience.

Designed by Enis Karavil, co-founder and creative director of Sanayi313, the store reflects the brand’s ethos of creativity, individuality, and authenticity. Inspired by the Mediterranean that defines the Siedres spirit, the design concept is based on a sunset theme. The orange wall at the end of the store, on which the logo of the brand can be seen, represents the sun. As people walk through the store, they get the feeling of moving into the sunset. The layout features a traditional yet contemporary style, where draping fabrics and furniture with a Mediterranean touch create an inviting atmosphere. Behind the spatial concept of the store is Paris-based set designer Rafael Medeiros, whose work ranges from set design to installations, events, fashion shows, and spatial design.