Huo Rf & Huma Kabakcı



3 May 2020

Dear Hüseyin,

We are writing this whilst living through a pandemic, confined in our homes. What connects us to one another now, is this letter. You have been a great inspiration to a series of artworks titled Homotopia, an insight to many stories through polaroids ironically set in the backdrop of shared domestic space. While we write this, we wonder how these environments are conceived and lived in now? With the many parallels, taboos, and contradictions our societies now face, whose stories are we telling or whose story remains with us?

More than a month ago, we were supposed to present this series in an unusual, experiential, more interactive context. Each individually painted ceramic plate, carrying one of the stories from online friends this time, adorned with voluptuous black meringues. A hint of bitterness emerging from the overwhelming sweetness. A bitterness that still continues in these unfinished stories. During this presentation, we wanted to bring together many inspirations, intellectuals, art lovers and supporters – more like you – around a long, communal table where these stories would be shared through the act of eating. We wish you were here with us now, so we could talk more. But you are not here. Even if you were, everyone is bound to their temporary or permanent homes. We all live in our own stories, waiting for things to go back to ‘normal’, which may no longer exist when the world reawakens.

Please accept this letter as facts, incidents, accidents, circumstances and situations.

Warmest wishes,
Huo Rf & Huma Kabakcı

*Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin, Fact-s, Incident-s, Circumtance-s, Accident-s, Situation-s, 2007, embroidered and used hotel sheets