Set on the ground floor of SANAYI313, with both indoor and outdoor seating, SANAYI313 KITCHEN offers a delicious and relaxed dining experience for anyone with a taste for finer things in life.

Serving an ever-changing menu of delectable seasonal dishes that taste as good as they look, our versatile kitchen focuses on fresh local produce to deliver a wide selection of healthy and guilty pleasures with creative flourishes.

In the weekends, our award-winning restaurant serves all-day brunch with a special menu and sprawling patisserie buffet that sums up the spirit of the weekend. Freshly ground coffee, artisan breads and pastries, farm-fresh eggs and many more exceptional local ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers are on offer for a delightful weekend affair.

SANAYI313 KITCHEN is open everyday for walk-in till 7PM and all the delicious specialities we offer on the menu can also be enjoyed off the premises with our take-away service.


Grown out of our combined passion for food and hospitality, SANAYI313 KITCHEN also provides full catering services, ensuring an outstanding level of creativity, quality and freshness to bring the best to events. Collaborating with each client with diverse requirements, our experienced team delivers food to suit the level of the event, ranging from relaxed lunch parties to more formal events.


SANAYI313 KITCHEN can be booked for private events with on-site catering service available. With a layout that can easily be manipulated to host gatherings from 20 up to 150 people, our venue is available to accommodate any type of event from birthday bashes and celebration dinners to networking events. At SANAYI313 KITCHEN, each event is unique and the menu is based on the event’s theme.

To reserve or connect with our team, please contact: