Imagine a selection of natural products used to concoct delicious platters… This is SANAYI313 KITCHEN where we promise a gastronomic experience in pursuit of the moment, using only the best products from local producers. A kitchen dedicated to minimise waste and remove additives from the food we serve… This is not a temporary fashion trend for us, it is rather the definition of our identity. From the food that arrives from the field to the servings on our open buffet; everything in the SANAYI313’s kitchen is daily. We are attuned to the call of nature in our evolving world which means our pantry always has just enough goods for the daily needs of the kitchen. Kitchen Team uses meticulous planning and memorable food to make your experience unique and delicious.


The plots we use to grow our products, our trials with different foods and seeds and the close relations we have established with producers have convinced us to focus on quality and not quantity.
On weekdays you will find an open buffet and main courses made from healthy and tasty vegetables as well as a selection of dishes that appeal to people with different dietary expectations including vegetarian, protein-rich and superfoods.


The Saturday menu at SANAYI313 fits perfectly with the spirit of the weekend: A breakfast and brunch buffet open from 10 AM to 6 PM offering healthy, tasty and – above all – always seasonal products based on a menu that changes every week.
A unique brunch with creamy butter from Trabzon, delicious free-range eggs from Bolu and many more local products from trusted suppliers… A wholesome SANAYI313 experience that welcomes you with the smell of freshly ground coffee when you step inside and continues with seasonal fruits and ambrosial desserts.


Flexible, original, adaptive… Sanayi313’s signature presentations, pairings and platters with a focus on experience is now at your doorstep.
Our “tailor-made” approach for a variety of cocktail receptions gives the option of an open buffet presentation or finger-food/mini platter format at the location of your choice. Please contact us at for details.


For evenings, SANAYI313 Kitchen opens its doors for private receptions and events. Whether a dinner party, corporate launch reception or a birthday party, the concept of the invitation determines the menu and venue layout which can host private groups between 20 to 150 people.
Are you interested in organising a reception or a dinner party from our kitchen? Then please contact us at