‘Baron Venus’ designs functional and stylish tableware collections to present delicious meals for family and friends. The brand's founders are a family of four: Dila, Steve, Baron, and Venus. They work collectively, hoping that every item they create will bring love, joy, and a touch of magic.

Sanayi313 met up with Dila Myrianthopoulos for the upcoming issue of WORDS to tell us about the word void, which she describes as a ‘call to discover the existence and depth of the unknown,’ and the drawings of Baron and Venus.

When was the last time you used the word ‘void’?

Yesterday. I thought about the void allocated to present Baron Venus’s ‘First Supper’ collection in London in September.

What does this word make you feel?

For me, a void is the existence of the unknown, an area with unknown depth! This makes me want to disappear into it. Something appeals to me about this transitional phase where anything is possible. Yes, there is a degree of fear, but embracing the unknown stimulates my imagination; it gives me strength and thrill.

How does the word ‘void’ relate to you and your work?

Frankly, a void is the first thing my mind, body, and soul need to open space for my creativity and design. One of my favorite moments is just before I start painting with my children in nature, especially by the sea. The hand-drawn paintings on the Baron Venus plates were also made on a day like this.

-Please provide three new words for our next interview.

Illuminance, dream, body.

Baron Venus crystal glasses are available in-store and online.