Could a sudden impromptu visit to a small Italian coastal town be the key to numerous wonders in the future?

I came to Forte dei Marmi like a spoiled little girl, crying to make sure I didn’t celebrate my birthday alone. This charming town proved once again that somehow, somewhere inside, we already know everything. The soul is forged in the process of remembering what we have forgotten. In this way landing at Genoa airport, my inner voice told me, “This is your home and the place where you will find the love of your life!” Who knows, I may have even said this to my mother…

I had arrived in my childhood, at the end of infinite illuminated tunnels. It was almost as if I was in Yeşilköy. Bicycles, beaches and children’s fingers covered in ice cream. Everything was so familiar! After staying here from only Thursday to Monday, I felt as if I had grown a year older in this childhood that I had momentarily recovered. Although everyone was making fun of me, I still had faith that I would find “the man” and spend the rest of my life here. On our last day, as we headed back from the beach to our hotel, I shouted out my dream once again in the shade of the lush trees, the dream I had told one of my mother’s best friends months ago. And as it sometimes does, my life changed in a moment.
Walking through that huge iron gate, I had actually come to my house.
Spending just two hours together was enough.

I don’t know if this is love at first sight, but he is the person with whom I have experienced the greatest degree of love.
Six months after we met, I had moved into my real home, my real life.
Now we have a tiny soul in our lives that makes this love grow bigger between us.
How happy we are.
Eternally grateful!