Colorful facades, crowded old book stores, hand-placed flagstones, mesmerizing museums, streets full of happy people, wine and seafood; Lizbon makes you feel the irresistible lightness of being Mediterranean.

You want to touch all the buildings that are covered with glazed tiles and ceramics, you want to leave yourself to the patterns and colors of them.
It is a must to walk from one end to the other or take different trolley cars to enjoy the whole city’s view. Your sense of sight, taste and your soul will surely insist you to visit this city again.

Ericeira: The beachtown that is half an hour drive from the city of Lisbon is full of surfers from all around the world nearly all year long. The number of surfers who want to enjoy the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean’s shores is sometimes even more than the locals of Ericeira and nearby towns.