The Contemporary Istanbul Foundation opens “Selective Conductive”, an exhibition that focuses on contemporary examples of new media art from Turkey.

“Selective Conductive” takes its conceptual framework from evolution, the determinant of what will disappear and what will remain in the future. Organized by the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation and hosted by Fişekhane, the exhibition will bring together the latest works of new media artists such as Abel Korinsky, Ali M. Demirel, Ahmet Rüstem Ekici, Ahmet Said Kaplan, Ceren Su Çelik, Candaş Şişman, Dilara Başköylü, Dist Collective, ha:ar, Hakan Sorar, Orhan Kavrakoğlu, Ozan Türkkan and Selçuk Artut.

The exhibition focuses on how bodily evolution intersects with the digital revolution and the multi-layered relationship of humans with the technology they produce at an existential turning point. Curator Sinan Eren Erk summarizes the exhibition: “The history of art reached a major turning point with the spread of digital technologies and the availability of large-scale information networks such as the internet. As a consequence, new media art emerged with the help of processable digital data and software-based complex learning/interpretation principles now commonly known as artificial intelligence. The possibilities offered by these continuously developing structures and the proliferation of experimental domains herald a greater potential than ever before for both creators and audiences seeking new forms of artistic expression. ‘Selective Conductive’ is a living exhibition that documents the current state of this awe-inspiring potential and conveys the exciting intertemporal heartbeats of art to the viewer from a broad perspective.”

The exhibition will be open to visitors at Fişekhane’s Cocoon, Hamam, and the foyer area free of charge between 12 January and 12 March.