After a long summer vacation, Istanbul is live once again with the art events. When I came back to the city, I directly found myself in the narrow streets of Çukurcuma, in front of Pg Art Gallery among very inspiring people. And the designer of the exhibition is Enis Karavil. I can try to put the exhibition into words by saying the works of the artist Hasan Pehlevan; who examines the destruction on cities, people and history, are giving life to consciousness that has broken away from the past strives. The exhibition takes place in the gallery that is turned into an excavation site. It is not easy to narrate the exhibition since what you experience awakens all of your senses. Sand, devastated walls, the construction sound, the smell of the earth and the rawness of Pehlevan’s artworks create a different impression when seen on site.

*Hasan Pehlevan’s exhibition Memo(Y)Ial Destruction can be seen until the 25th of October.