When an ashtray isn’t just an ashtray…

The statuesque ashtrays of Dina Ceramix have added zest to the dining tables in the garden of Sanayi313.

Dina Oğuz, the creative mind behind the Dina Ceramix brand, says she prefers to work with clay that is fired at high temperatures; “…turning clay into stone, yielding a striking and robust appearance.”

The artist’s models are reminiscent of objects from the past. Dina admits that her interest in such objects goes back to her childhood. “The ashtrays I made for Sanayi313 look like Murano Glass ashtrays.”

Dina works from home and finds inspiration in 80’s music. She can’t refuse tunes by Dalida and the Italo-pop superstars Albano & Romina Power. She maintains a blank mind while working and is passionate about her profession. Her hands move fluidly, as if with a mind of their own.