Can Remzi Ergen: How would you describe yourself outside your profession?

Melis Kuriş: Who am I? That is always such an interesting question. I guess I am an energetic vibration. We are all composed of energy. I am a creative person. I am kind and sympathetic. I want everyone around me to be happy and be the best version of themselves.

CRE: Zen has been a word used often during this event. What does zen mean to you?

MK: There is this emoji. The one with the eyes and mouth closed. That is your status quo. It is almost like you lack an expression per se because you are absorbing everything. You are balanced but aware. Zen is a state of peace for me. Peace is calmness towards myself and my surroundings. It is being present and aware of everything around me.

CRE: Can you tell me about your work? What does flower essences entail?

MK: I work with flower essences and Dr Edward Bach’s flower remedies which consists of 38 different flowers. There are many different forms of flower essences. Each flower has a vibrational frequency to balance out various negative emotions. Imagine you are extremely impatient, there is an essence for that. Each flower essence corresponds to an emotion. If you come to my custom sessions, I would first ask you to fill out a questionnaire that gives me an idea about your personality after which we discuss these issues. Some people might dislike talking through these details and flower essences are the perfect answer. You do not need to tell me the whole story. I do not need the specifics. All I need to know are emotions. It is far from an interrogation. I just need to know what you feel. After that, I prepare custom formulas. Each bottle typically contains 5 to 6 flower essences that address these emotions. Ingesting these essence does not turn you into a new person overnight. The course is different for everyone. It is impossible to predict when the effects will kick-in. This is a form of therapy. Our bodies talk on behalf of us and provide insight into our emotions. We are made of vibrations and we are curating our own lifestyles. There is a formula for everyone in the A Curated Vibe product range.

CRE: What major powers do flowers offer?

MK: They are ever so magical and they choose you. Each flower has its own frequency. There is a different flower for every person. The fragrance of a flower can project you somewhere else or remind you of something. There is an inherent emotion in them.

CRE: What does conventional science say when it comes to the effect of flower essences?

MK: Obviously there are studies on vibrations and alternative healing systems. Some people think that flowers are a placebo. Dr. Bach was a student of the Hahnemann School which developed homeopathy. His studies are based on vibrations of the flowers and their effect on the human body.

CRE: How can people get in touch with you?

MK: My website is acuratedvibe.com. I’m also on Instagram – acuratedvibe. You can also drop me an email at hello@acuratedvibe.com.