Like those nonchalant people who are content with their shortcomings…
An enduring smirk across the face, whooping “you only live once!”
Prefers stripy attire, bestowing a shorter and plumper appearance but it doesn’t pay a blind bit of notice.
Granted the ability to speak and given a pair of long arms, it’s warmth would soothe souls right through winter.
How can it keep on smiling during these shortest days of the year?
Make a soup with heart-warming, rich color; roast the seeds for a delightful snack.
Though a little dazzled with all the attention, it’s a prominent figure in gastronomic fantasies, childish chortling and family union meals…
Lo and behold the pumpkin!
Some sort of wintery tale, an amalgamation of two opposites.
Pumpkins take center stage as Halloween approaches… so many different expressions, the trick or treats… some on doorsteps, some on mantelpieces…
In all its shapes and varieties, the rightful owner of a place in your menu as the clock ticks closer to the new year.

More about it:

– Love spices. Whether a soup or dessert, a pinch of cinnamon and some cloves always go well.
– Seeds to be roasted and consumed without delay.
– Things change when steamed: Puree with cinnamon and sugar. Spread cooled puree over a tray and bake with shredded wheat for a mouth-watering treat.
– Prefer *Musquee Provance* for soup, the salmon-colored, thick-peeled variety. That’s the one you want for soup. The pale, hard-peeled variety goes by the name of Chestnut Pumpkin.