The shaker matters: It should be made of steel or glass so that the “shaker” will not spoil the taste of the drinks you mix.

The secret of the bartender spoon: The bowl part should be the size of a dessertspoon while the handle should look like a “tornado”. It always helps you to mix the cocktails better in the Mixing Glass.

The ice recipe that doesn’t spoil the taste of your drink: Here is a little tip to avoid the ice syndrome which changes the taste of the drink as it melts: use water that is low in minerals and pH. You should have ice cubes which you will have crushed as you prepare your cocktail. Putting the ice in a plastic bag and hitting it on the countertop is obviously not gastronomically fashionable. You should have an ice crusher with which you can cut your ice in whatever size you like. You then crash it with a mallet or an ice grinder. And it is ready to use.

Homemade bitters:
Bitters, which has tens of different herbal essences and herbal sweeteners, with an ABV of 44 percent, is the most magical and natural way to give taste to your cocktails. The most popular and common bitters brand is Angostura Bitters. It is said that only a limited group of people in the world knows its formula.

Homemade bitters:

500 ml of absolute alcohol or vodka
25 grams of dried orange peel
25 grams of cinnamon
5 grams of clove, cardamom and coconut peel
2.5 grams of pimento, nutmeg, liquid caramel and Chinese cinnamon
A half vanilla stick

Put all the ingredients in a jar and shake it strongly. Leave it for two weeks at a sunless spot in room temperature. You then distill it using a cheesecloth. Here is your Bitter ready to use in drops for your cocktails.