“Sumac Soirée” nights coming from Brooklyn hosts people who join the event with a plate or food ingredients that have a story or a meaning for them. The last stop of these evenings was Istanbul, Sanayi313.

“Banana and milk” by Seda Domaniç; the Chief Editor of Vogue Turkey, “black truffle” by the architect Melike Altınışık, “celery” by Chef Civan Er, “coriander” by actress Tuba Ünsal, “pumpkin” by the writer, Barbaros Altuğ, “garlic” by Chef Müge Ergül… With its “food and memories” concept the independent magazine Sumac’s “Soirée” meeting allowed people to share memories of ingredients and what ingredients reminds us of.

Established by Ali Tufan Koç from the Sanayi313 Paper team, Sumac is a food & culture magazine originated in Brooklyn. The magazine’s starting point is using food as a connection to build bridges between cultures, languages, ideas, beliefs and bringing together those who see each other as “strangers” around food, which is humanity’s common ground and encouraging a healthy dialogue to reduce the polarization within the society.