Is it fresh? Is it cooked well? What about the service? With all this luggage, kokoretsi is always a heated issue among Turkish connoisseurs.

Whether it be unseasoned, spicy, chargrilled, or baked, kokoretsi ranks high on the list of unconditionally delicious foods.

As one of the many people who have made a habit concluding a night out with stuffed mussels and a kokoretsi sandwich I can confidently say that kokoretsi is definitely the best at expressing food and entertainment culture in Turkey.

I believe the most superior is kokoretsi itself. Enriched with the ample amounts of sweetbread, kokoretsi is delicious however it has been prepared and cooked. Oven baked kokoretsi is practical, making it a handy solution to make at home.

Kokoretsi has recently evolved from a simple sandwich made by street vendors to a popular meal among respected diners and restaurants often served with quality red wine.

It’s hard not to love kokoretsi and even harder trying to understand people who don’t.

Bon Appetit!