Table Salt: The rock salt that is crushed, made granular, given cubical shape and purified. As its name suggests, it is for daily use.Using expensive sea salt for this purpose is wasteful and meaningless because its nuances would be lost in everyday use.

Kosher Salt: Just like table salt, kosher is rock salt, too. But it is produced by methods that transform it into flakes rather than granuls. As Shirley Corriher describes in her book ‘CookWise’, the difference between the granular cubes of table salt and the flakes of Diamond Crystal kosher salt is that between an ice cube and a snowflake.

Maldon: An English salt lacking the salt’s natural bitter back taste. It is complementary to all foods. Terrific on any food that is fried such as potatoes, shrimp or calamari.

Himalayan Pink Salt: This salt, as delightful in appearance as it is in taste, is chipped off an immense salt mountain in Pakistan. It is sold both coarse and ground fine. Use the finely ground version when you need quick integration into a dish.