Pasta might be one of the few dishes that I would enjoy to have for every meal. I was not a cook yet when I first watched how it was made in Italy. It was an incredibly exciting visual feast to see the dough rolled out and thinned in a machine to be shaped later. Years have passed and pasta became one of my favorite foods. It is usually the magic touch of Sanayi313 menu that changes occasionally.

Ingredients (for four people):
4 eggs + 1 egg yoke
350 gr flour + 50 gr semolina flour (It is sold as “semolina for pasta”)
Salt, a little less than a dessert spoon

It seems tedious to make the pastry. But it becomes easier once you know the tips.

We usually use a kitchen kitset to make life easier in the professional kitchens. You need to mix the flour and eggs and knead it quite well to get a good dough for your pasta. Here is when the special pedal of the mixer to mix the dough saves your life. You might want to use your strong arms if you do not have one of those tools.

I have a tip for those who will knead with their hands; it might be better to spread the flour on the counter and crack the egg in a little space you leave in the middle. You can then mix it with the flour.

You will have a yellowish dough. Do not worry if it feels thick and hard. Keep it in the refrigerator overnight and knead the hardened dough next day using the warmth in your hands.

Sprinkle some flour to avoid the stickiness. You will have long and thin strips once you roll out the dough in the machine for a few times. I do not prefer to set the machine to maximum thinness. Just a step before that maximum level gives the best result. You can shape the well rolled out dough as you like. You may turn it into lasagna, tortellini, ravioli, cannelloni or even stuffed pasta.

The most exciting for me is doing “penne”. I wrap the equally divided strips of pastry around a wooden stick. Then I move it back and forth on a wooden board with a jagged surface. And there I have penne! I advise you to eat up your home-made penne in two days maximum because of the eggs in it.