Concerned about the risk of corona we seem to have shelved our vacation plans and stayed in the city. Now, we have to make do with memories of past holidays…

Recall those fond memories… The sun slowly setting while the cool evening breezes roll in… Staring from the hills of Bodrum towards the Island of Kos, enjoying the stunning vista over a glass of wine and some delicious red plums… Waiting for the bright full moon to rise over the navy-blue sea… The things we have done with that sweet and bitter taste! Imagine a fruit which is low in glycaemic index, rich in Vitamin C and iron. Whether it be pies or salads, a delightful fruit that is equally as good in deserts and meals… Red plums can be pickled and used to make marmalade… Plums complement lamb dishes in an amazing way and make it easier to digest. Plums make a rich addition to bulgur salad. They are great in refreshing compotes and versatile cocktails on hot summer days.

What else can be said? Three cheers for red plums.