Let’s start with the dream: Fine, it’s not realistic that the entire world population will turn vegan one day. But, at least conservative carnivores will find vegan dishes tasty. Who knows, they might even come for second helpings.

And now for the purpose: The book is more than a long list of favourite recipes for the vegan community. It’s out to change the preconception that vegan cuisine is “bland” by offering non-vegans a surprisingly delicious selection of meals from all corners of the world.

Author Jean-Christian Jury says, “A tasty dish does not have to contain meat. Meals prepared with vegetables and plant-based products can be equally as appetizing. What makes food tasty are seasonal products.” To prove his claim, he has collated more than 500 vegan recipes from nearly one hundred local cuisines across the globe.

It’s amazing to know about the existence of tenacious and openminded chefs who can respect meat eaters and refrain from fanatically advocating veganism beyond naming some “animal slaughter” videos which turned him vegan in the first place. We’re grateful to their minds and books.