What strange times we are in… Being home is the new normal. We tend to forget to even ask each other what we have planned for the day. So much so that we find ourselves contemplating the things that will change when this is all over. I guess we can agree on a few things. First, we have come to terms with the environment we have been restricted to and realised that we can do so much from the comfort of our couch. We now know that exploring the world outside is possible without poking our noses beyond our front doors. We might even remember these past few months as an “extraordinary” experience…

Our times of confinement to our study or living room has not hindered our ties with art. Many museums have published online collections while numerous performances have been aired to millions of viewers. Below is a list of our most favourite finds.

Guggenheim Museum
The architecture of this building alone has been an attraction for many, but now the most memorable works of art in one of the city’s most visited museums is online for everyone to see. Exhibits include pieces from Piet Mondrian, Picasso, Franz Marc and many more.

British Museum
The front page to the British Museum is enough to mesmerise anyone who has the slightest interest in history. Beautifully designed to provide an overview of our past, “History Connected” is your gateway to more than 8 million items featured in the depths of the museum.

Metropolitan Opera
The Met Opera recently had a facelift. Although the status quo limits our mobility, this doesn’t mean that we cannot see the 2020 version of their performances. The Mets live opera performances promise a very unique experience. Check the online schedule for recent acts.

Picasso Museum
This has to be among Europe’s best museums. Located in Barcelona, one of the most aesthetic and historic cities in the world, the museum focuses on the acclaimed artist’s haunts, favourite spots and studios.

Royal Opera House
The Royal Opera House deserves applause for using social media effectively. They periodically broadcast classic performances through their YouTube channel. Follow #OurHouseToYourHouse to make sure you never miss premiering shows.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art
The digitised version of MIA features high resolution 3D models, fascinating art stories and podcasts as well as examples from the museum’s popular collections including Pierre Bonnard’s “Dining Room in the Country” and Albrecht Dürer’s “Saint Jerome in His Study”.