Present conditions are suitable for the emergence of a musician, author or artist to unwillingly assume the role of “saviour” maybe precisely because she or he is not in the least concerned with playing out the hero. A familiar voice, a recently under-the-radar name will pop up to remind and reach out. Someone will step forward to speak her mind unreservedly just at a time when the majority is blindly repeating the same recited remark or idea in an infinitely insipid tone. Insanity will take over during the recording session. She will have no problem with speaking up in all honesty. Her voice will simultaneously be familiar and new. Her madness will be so native that she will remind us how we are unable to lose our marbles. She will reclaim the diary we never sat down to write, compose songs about it and shove it back in our faces. She will dance in the kitchen as if no one is watching. She will record all the noises she can make as if no one is listening. She will make experimental jazz under the guise of pop. She will make you think it is jazz before shrieking like a rocker. She will have the guts to share it all candidly. She will drop her idea on the table in its rawest form. She won’t have second thoughts about making noise. She will push our limits whether just listening or attempting to write what we are hearing…

Fiona Apple is both the thorn and rose of the American independent music scene and her first release in eight years “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” is precisely the synthesis of all these feelings.

In the year 2020, this album is like an answer to how the human voice and musical instruments should be used in their most natural form.

Unprecedented times demand a few extraordinary magnum opi. This is the first.