She is the creator of the soundtracks for the films such as “Dert Bende” (I am in Misery) and “Seven Ne Yapmaz” (What would a lover wouldn’t do) ; of musicals “Hisseli Harikalar Kumpanyası” (Wonders Company) and the “Lüküs Hayat” (Life in Luxury), an arranger, a singer, a conductor and a musician. In fact: An “architect” who, by virtue of the records she released during the 60’s, renders Classical Turkish Music into polyphony without distorting its origins. May I present you: Esin Engin.

Known by her open-mind and her foresightedness in her work and performance, Esin Engin’s each record is an evidence regarding what polyphony actually is and its deep roots in Turkish music. She has a special place in Turkey’s musical history due to her reinterpretation of Turkish tango pieces, her attempt to reanimate forgotten tango pieces and to rerelease them.

It is a wonderful musical experience in itself listening to the “oyun havaları (traditional dance music)” performed by an orchestra conducted by Engin who fitted almost 300 compositions into her 53-years of life and passed away in 1997.