Grater has different kinds such as thin, flat or small grater. The brand “Microplane” seems to have get ahead of the grater itself. Even when the grater’s brand is not Microplane, people, especially those who are trained to be cooks prefer to call it ‘microplane’ in cooking jargon. The best effect of this grater is that it can grate all small products without cutting your hands. It also grates without getting to the thick layer of the product.

For example, using a regular grater, it is hard to put lime on desserts or salads, as well as it changes the taste since it also grates the white bitter part.

The best part of using a small grater is how it allows me to make such small pieces when I grate cheese on pastas.

It wouldn’t be nice to taste a roughly grated garlic piece inside yogurt. On the other hand, a garlic grated with microplane never bothers since it creates very small pieces.

Finally, this little kitchen tool is also very useful for the pastry part. It creates such a lovely appearance to adorn muffins and cakes with grated chocolate.