Limbo takes art enthusiasts on a journey that focuses on the life cycle inspired by the opposites – life and death. The name of the exhibition comes from Canan Tolon’s book published in 1977. To show the interaction of the space with the natural conditions, the swings lined up in the area are filled with materials such as grass and water. Thus, the audience is invited to examine the transformative aspect of art and the effect of time on art. Preferring to enrich her works with the rhythm, struggle, and the natural process created by repetition, Tolon presents Limbo through different perspectives.

The contrast between the place where the installation is exhibited is one of the interesting details. The historical building located in Fişekhane -which translates to cartridge house- has the feature of being the place of production of ammunition, cartridges, and metal accents needed by the army in the 18th-19th centuries. Ayça Okay is the curator of Limbo, which elaborates the stages of contrast such as life-death and construction-destruction. The exhibition will be open to visitors between March 18 and May 5, 2022