Zaha Hadid Architects' Vertical Urbanism online exhibition offers an interesting experience to architectural enthusiasts around the world at the Hong Kong Design Institute.

The firm Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), founded by Zaha Hadid, one of the leading designers in the development and transformation of the architectural world, has a global and creative architectural perspective. It is an indisputable fact that Hadid brought a new dynamism to architecture. Her vision is vast, limitless, and just as fluid. The investigative spirit, which is the basis of Hadid’s career, continues to manifest itself in ZHA’s groundbreaking work around the world. The Vertical Urbanism exhibition displays ZHA’s innovations in architecture using a variety of project documentation tools consisting of technical drawings, diagrams, computer-generated visualizations, architectural models, video projections, and virtual reality experiences. The studio’s ongoing research and approaches to the development of vibrant and sustainable community-oriented projects built in dense urban conditions are some of the main topics of the exhibition. The exhibition is presented under a specific curatorship. Designed by ZHA’s chief architect Patrik Schumacher, the curatorial aspect is structured thematically around three principles of ZHA’s work: to explain the research of ZHA’s Computational and Design research group (ZHA CODE), to explore the studio’s tower designs in cities around the world, and to showcase ZHA’s seminal projects in the region.

One of the best things about this exhibition is that you can find yourself at the Hong Kong Design Institute with one click. You can visit the online exhibition until April 3, 2022, at the link below.