She thought she was going to live her life simply as “Maria”. Yet there was “Callas” to come, a title that simply means “the greatest opera singer of all times”.

Through the pictures, visual and audio records that hadn’t been out before and her diaries& letters read by Joyce DiDonato, the documentary by Tom Volfe shows Callas telling her own story as she reveals the soul behind her voice that sings beyond her human self and reaches throughout the ages.

Some remarkable moments of the documentary are where we see her being born in New York into an immigrant family from Greece, having education in Greece, growing as her voice was gradually transforming into “Callas”, dealing with the problematic relationship she had with her mother and experiencing an endless rivalry with Renaya Tebaldi.

Her character or silhouette is no different than her voice; bulletproof, unbreakable, unbending and uncompromising. She buries her pain in her letters when her greatest love Aristotle Onassis marries to Jackie Kennedy. And she never disclaims her upright stance.

In the documentary, Callas expresses that she first needs to feel what she performs. And she says that she definitely needs to experience before feeling it fully…