The fact that it was not adapted to the silver screen, that its adventure on TV continued only for a couple of episodes and that no collection books were published in the name of it renders ‘The Bungle Family’ series much more precious. The series took place on 1930’s which were known in the literature as the “jazz age” and it bore the sociocultural traces of this era. The protagonists were George and Jo who are always in conflict with their neighbors and are distastefully grumpy people with whom you would not like to be neighbors, for whom you would be concerned if they are the last ones to leave a dinner party and on behalf of whom you would be embarrassed when you witness the ‘disgraceful’ squabble between them.

“The Bungle Family” as the most sharp-tongued of the “family comedy” type caricature series is the first of its kind in the way it strived to picture its characters as honest and as real as possible rather than sympathetic. The only source that can enable you to meet this family is ‘The Bungle Family’ volumes which were published by Hyperion Press in 1977, sold out quickly and haven’t been re-published.

It is worth pursuing.