I rarely come across with chef books that are inspiring and when I do, I get really excited. Yotam Ottolenghi is a very important figure for me. His cooking style and presentations are very impressive. When I encountered his last book “Sweet”, I got very happy.

Years ago, I rejoiced when I learned that Yotam Ottolenghi was going to visit the restaurant’s kitchen I was working at. Think about it; the chef you admire comes to Turkey and will shoot in the kitchen you work in. After spending some time with him, I was so impressed that I wanted to go into his kitchen and breathe that atmosphere come what may. My dream came true. Having the chance to serve my internship in his kitchen in London, provided me a great experience in my career as a cook.

Ottolenghi published a great cookbook named “Sweet”. I received my book even before it was imported to Turkey, thanks to Enis’ London trip. In this book, which Ottolenghi prepared with Helen Goh, are the clear and simple recipes of the desserts we see on Ottolenghi’s dessert buffet in London. The photographs and the narration of the book are beautiful.

It is important to get good results when you apply the recipes in a cookbook. In this book, there are the recipes of some of the desserts which I ate in London and the taste of them still lingers. Especially the “Guinness Cake” is among my favorites. We combined this recipe with 313 style and included it to Sanayi313’s dessert buffet. We also added mini hazelnut macaroons to our packaged products.

Sweet already took its place on my bookcase among my favorite books!