It stayed in the Billboard 200 list for 937 weeks and captured numberless musicians, writers and directors of all kinds since 1973, the year it was released. Yet the long numbers or statistics fell short of describing the significance of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. It is a record of several poetry books, numbers of short movies, numerous anonymous characters and a timeless manifesto for human history; an arrangement that reminds you the darkness of humanity and the rainbow rising from the bottom of that darkness. Just like the impact that came with the “2001: Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, which has changed our perception of a “movie”, Dark Side of the Moon changed the way we viewed music. Close your eyes and
take the courage to let yourself into the arms of Pink Floyd and you will find yourself in a strange, magical meditation session. You will begin to wander fearlessly in the dirtiest corners of your unconsciousness as you feel love, breath, time, dawn and death all at the same time in these 42 minutes. They are nowhere but inside of us. Right on the dark side of the moon.