The times of exploring designer hotels and moments of enjoying a strange sense of peace in unfamiliar rooms are as far away as movies we love so much and their ends we can no longer remember. Dreaming of distant destinations might come across as a waste of time in the status quo, but exploring hotels in the company of famous architects from the comfort of our living rooms might feel good and lighten up our sombre moods. This guide is the “hotel-travel-design” version of the bestselling title “Where Chefs Eat” which featured recommendations by world-famous chefs. The logic is pretty much the same but the people in the making are different. Architects take centre stage in this edition which provides an in-depth account of the hotels they prefer to spend their nights around the planet.

“Where Architects Sleep” is based on the idea that “architects are the best judge of delicately designed hotel rooms”. The book features comprehensive information on where architects such as John Pawson, Amanda Levete, Norman Foster and Dan Wood prefer to stay in which city together with their reasons as to why they vouch for certain establishments as “definitely worth staying at”.

This is a list of recommendations from more than 250 architects covering about 100 countries and close to 1200 hotels.

Categories like budget, family friendly, ecological and luxury, as well as themes like business trips, weekend breaks, engagement destinations and design explorations make it a diverse reference book that is bound to find a prime location in your library.