Magazine Reading: Apartmento, Luncheon, Yolo…

If the number of niche and thematic magazines published in numerous languages in all corners of the world has acquired the over-inflated metaphor of “put side-by-side, they will be longer than the Great Wall of China”, then Apartmento is undoubtedly one of the main culprits.

If survival comes before success, original ideas or rich content as the greatest achievement in independent publishing, Apartmento is extra special to have grown exponentially and established itself over ten years.

Apartmento’s greatest move in the name of relieving modern humans was to crumple up the sterile, minimal and impeccable home décor format and chuck it away in a designer trash can. The magazine reminded us that life and the interiors we inhabit do not lose anything from their original magic even when untidy. Thanks to its silent tributes to the chaotic, disorderly and lived-in feel…

Luncheon comes across as an original, rare format which turns fashion inside-out, serves gastronomy in reverse order and delivers the rawest and most natural forms of art and culture without brushing off the dirt. The magazine is a rarity, like petite and dainty French women who can seamlessly flaunt tall physiques; increased charisma with older age is just as French.

Yolo Journal
Stumbling upon Yolo’s pages and Instagram posts are like spending the quarantine period on a sailboat on the Mediterranean Riviera. What’s more, it is always the best time of the day: The sea is calm, the sun is moderate, the breezes are sweet. The ice in your Campari still hasn’t melted, your blue and white towel has just dried. If spending time at sea extends your life, then reading Yolo is like a vitamin pill that strengthens your bones.