ZEN Series: Sound Therapy

In the first edition of our ZEN Article Series we talked to sound therapist Rida Kıraşı.

LEVENT ERDEN | Founder of Next Akademi

"'How are you?; is the most awesome question one can ask another."

AYŞE BOYNER | Designer

"My favorite fashion movement is 60s; fringe hairstyle, high-waisted clothing.""

SEREN KÖROĞLU | Creative Director

“The design I like the most is the iMacs from the 2000’s."

AYTEN ALPÜN | Photographer & Domestic Engineer

"The most atrractive scent for me is the man’s who I am in love with."

ŞİRİN PAYZIN | Journalist

"My first memory about life is the apricot tree in my grandmother’s garden."

ONUR BAŞTÜRK | Columnist

"What is your favourite flower? There are many but at the moment my favourite one is Pachira. It represents fruitfulness and…


"What is the book that you enjoy reading the most? There are many, but I love reading ‘The Little Prince’ over and over……

MARKUS LEHTO | Playful Entrepreneur

"What lie do people tell the most? “I am here for you”. When they are really not. It is easy to say but hard to do."